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On this day, 1/16/2011

On this day, 1/16 2011 marks the day that I completed my ✅-🛫 and became a private pilot; a dream come true.

I remember the day specifically, and it was one of the most interesting flights for a variety of reasons.

We completed the flight in one of my favorite airplanes at the time Cessna 172 N91PF at Paragon Flight Training in Fort Myers Florida.

It was shortly after that accomplishment that I took a risk and moved to Northern VA for a position in a wealth management firm.

Arriving here, I had zero connections within aviation. It’s amazing how times have changed! #smokehousepilots

- When was your private pilot check ride?

- Where did you take it?

- Do you vividly remember it?

- How’d it go?

Safe flying!


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