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FAVORITE PHOTOs from the members of smokehouse pilots club!

📸‼️ On March 19th, there was a post asking everyone to share one of their favorite photos that relates to aviation ‼️📸

  • I was viewing all of the pictures on the post (over 150 photos were shared), and I thought it would be cool to put them into a slide show for everyone in the group to see!


It's so awesome to see the wide range of photos, experiences and memories from members of our club!

Thank you to all of you who shared a photo!

Please note: I did not modify a single picture in this video and simply added each photo to the video slider. No fancy transitions or animations - just a ~7 minute video of all of the pictures that Smokehouse Pilots Club members shared. It's much easier to see each picture this way rather than being buried in our feed. *All photos in this video are owned solely by the individual who captured the image. None of the photos in this video are owned by Smokehouse Pilots Club* Lastly, if anyone who shared pictures is uncomfortable having their photo in this video, please DM me and I will remove your photo. Thank you! Music Rights: Tom Petty / U2 #smokehousepilots

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