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FACEBOOK LIVE event: 22,700 total flight hours

As Seen On Facebook Live on 2/6/2019

The February Smokehouse Pilots Club meeting will be held Wednesday February 6th, starting at 5:30pm. This month we are pleased to have Tracy Welch as our guest speaker. Tracy is a local pilot with over 22,700 flight hours. When Tracy was 12 years old, she took a flight with her pilot father at Leesburg and had fun flying from the right seat. That is when she decided she wanted to be an airline pilot.

Tracy started her lessons at Manassas and 3,500 hours later was hired by American Airlines. In 1986 she was the flight engineer on the Boeing 727 for American Airline’s first all-female crew. She was the youngest woman in the airline’s history to check out as captain and is slated to retire number one on their seniority list.

Currently she is flying the Boeing 737 for American and is back flying right seat in Leesburg for her pilot daughter and fellow club member, Abby Welch.

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