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Smokehouse Pilots Club, Inc. is a social pilots club made up of individuals that share a passion for aviation. The group consists of pilots, flight instructors, small plane owners and renters, student pilots, commercial pilots and military pilots both active and retired. We welcome anyone that loves aviation!

Membership in the Smokehouse Pilots Club is centered around connecting people that love aviation with opportunities to connect with each other, connect with resources, share aviation information and promote safe flying. It's also about creating opportunities to make flying more affordable and fun. Being that we are a social club, Smokehouse Pilots Club does not own any airplanes at this time.

The Club members are primarily based in Leesburg, Virginia out of Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO) but we also have members from across the globe. Speaking engagements with knowledgeable guest speakers and fly-outs to exciting regional destinations are just some of the events the club coordinates.

Events are updated and posted frequently, check back in and save our next event to your calendar! We'd love to meet you.

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